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​The Canadian Fashion Scholars Network is a non-profit volunteer-run platform with a focus on decoloniality, ethics, and sustainability, designed for anyone working on fashion-related topics in universities, museums, and the creative industries in Canada (and beyond). It aims to bring together fashion scholars and professionals, and to facilitate collaborations on fashion-related projects and make academic knowledge and research more accessible.


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Chic Podcast

May 30, 2020

Check out the new Chic Podcast, hosted by Kat Sark 


May 30, 2020

Check out our Instagram account!

Canadian Fashion Scholars - Facebook Group

April 30, 2020

Please visit our Facebook Group where you can post links to your latest projects, exhibitions, calls for papers, publications, job posts, as well as interesting links pertaining to fashion culture.

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    Upcoming Symposium 

Emily Carr Uni.jpg

The 9th annual 

Canadian Fashion Symposium

will be at the Emily Carr University in Vancouver on August 6, 2022.  


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